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If you sell your $300,000 home with an agent, you are losing $15,000 in equity to pay a realtor commissions. That just doesn't make sense when you can list your house for sale on your own; without a real estate
agent draining off your profits.

You can place a huge full page size ad to sell your house now and have your house on the market tomorrow without a realtor. Reno Real Estate Market has Web Developers waiting to build a top rated web page for you similar to this page. This is a great way to show your house to eager buyers. Research shows that most people search for real estate online more than 3 to 1.

We design your page and include it in our Reno Real Estate Home Search for free, then, we have your homes web page optimized by Search Engine Professionals, so you can be sure that everyone knows your house is for sale.

After making copy changes, the SEO's submit your webpage to all the major search engines for no additional charge. Your page will be indexed under Reno Home For Sale and other key phrases. That's why your home will "pop up" for sale when someone searches "Reno Homes For Sale" on Google or Yahoo.

You can add three 640 x 480 photos of your home to your web page and as many as 300 words of copy to your webpage. Best part about it is your web advertisment will run until you pull it - the Reno Gazette Journal charges an unbelievable $590.75 for a little ad that only runs for 30 days.

We list your home on the Reno Real Estate Market for a one time fee of $249.00. We build a beautiful webpage for you, and list your home on the Reno Real Estate Market until the sale closes, or until you contact us to "pull your ad." It's that simple. No long term contracts * No obligations!

The Reno Real Estate Market does not evaluate your property by location and then charge you accordingly. We have one price - regardless of the value of your property. Save half the money from your ad placement on the RGJ * List with the Reno Real Estate Market! You'll save thousands of dollars in realtor commissions too. To order a full page listing for $249.00; complete three quick steps. In part one you fill out a simple form:

List Your Home For Sale Now!

We will have your listing up within 24 hours and your home will be listed until it sells. For more information about your listing - or for featured ad space on this web site please call (775) 851-7512 for assistance.
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